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La Jolie Ronde

"As it was our last lesson before the summer holidays, this week in French class we had a French picnic. It is said that the French introduced the world to the idea of an outdoor meal, calling it un pique-nique, in the 18th century and it quickly took off.

Some of the food the children may have already tried, like croissants, brioches, madeleines, but I had brought a selection of cheeses and pâté for them to try too. Most children liked the Port Salut and Brie cheese but the Roquefort was a bit strong for them ! I also introduced them to the French drink diabolo which is a squash with lemonade - some children had to have two cups to be sure ! We also talked about how French children like to make their own pain au chocolat by putting a piece of chocolate into some bread. Needless to say, they all tried it ! We also looked at how crisps in French are confusingly called les chips - what we call a false friend.

After some refreshments, we played some games. We had quoits and pétanque and I taught them a French playground game Petits poissons (Little Fishes)."



Classes will resume week beginning 12th September 2022.  If you are interested in signing your child up please contact Helen Duncan on 07780 591789 or email