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Year R - Ugly Bug Ball

Dear Parents/ Carers,  

This half term, the children will be learning about different minibeasts, their key features and their habitats. Amongst other things, we will be building our new bug area, collecting and observing different minibeasts in the outdoors environment, and building bug hotels to support the wildlife in our school grounds. 


To celebrate our learning, we will be holding an ugly bug ball on Wednesday 18th May. For this event, we would like to invite the children to dress up as their favourite minibeast and ask that you spend some time planning their costume with them. There is no need for costumes to be purchased. Please feel free to use items that you already have at home, e.g. black trousers and t-shirt for a spider costume.  


On the day of the ball, we ask that children come to school wearing their costumes. We will hold an ugly bug ball parade to showcase these. You may also wish to collect some interesting facts about your child’s minibeast that they can share with their friends. Throughout the afternoon, we will play games, hold quizzes and provide party food for the children to enjoy.  


We look forward to celebrating and seeing your costumes!