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Lockdown Drill

We held a successful lockdown practise this morning. The children had been made aware of what we do in a lock down situation and reacted amazingly. Within seconds they had taken safe positions and quickly got on with their day as usual when it was over. 

How and why we do lockdown drill.

Ever since the terrorist alert was raised following London Bridge and other attacks, schools have practiced keeping the children as safe as possible in the event of any attack. It sounds very worrying, I know, but just as we practice what we would do in the unlikely event of a fire, so we practice what we would do in the unlikely event of an intruder attack. In both cases the children were absolutely magnificent.  As the agreed signal was given this morning, I raced round the classrooms (unlikely, I know, but I can still run quite quickly over short distances) and all children in all classes had taken up safe positions within two or three seconds - absolutely silent and still and concealed under their desks. I can't emphasise enough how well they responded. Then, as soon as I gave the all clear they happily returned to their work.


For those of you who think such drills are unnecessary, remember the events at Dunblane in 1996 when 16 children and one teacher lost their lives in an attack by one man. Such tragedies are, thankfully, rare in this country, but I would be failing in my duty of care to your children and my staff if I did not make some basic preparations to protect the school community. I am very proud of the children and my staff for the speed and calmness of their response today and I hope you are, too.